1969 Learjet 25

S/N 25-041,  N31AA 


Auction to be held at 2:00 pm at Massey Ranch Airpark in Edgewater, FL.  The sale of the aircraft is subject to bid acceptance by Lender (JODA, LLC), and JODA, LLC reserves the right to bid.  If JODA accepts the high bid, bidder will be expected to make a 10% non-refundable deposit day of sale, and fund the balance of the purchase price within 5 business days.  Sale subject to JODA  being able to transfer title free of liens or encumbrances. 

JODA financed this aircraft for a noted Learjet maintenance facility.  The aircraft was to undergo a 12 yr inspection, RVSM, new paint and interior, and be used for charter.  The company fell on hard times and the project was never finished.  The aircraft is disassembled, and stored inside a hangar in Edgewater, FL.  A spare engine may be included by sale date.  Since the photos were taken, the wing and tail have been reinstalled on the aircraft.  The old windshields have been removed and discarded.  This aircraft has Stage III Hushkits.  Included on the sale is a set of brand new Lear 25 windshields by Perkins, and the original interior components which have been refurbished (seats and possibly other components as well).

Logbooks appear to be complete, but are subject to your inspection.  For more information, you may select:

Specification Sheet                                                                            

Engine LCF Sheet #1 engine                                                            

Engine LCF Sheet #2 engine                                                            

Engine LCF Sheet Spare engine (if available)                                

Quote to complete the aircraft by the Debtor                                    

Perkins windshield packing list

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JODA, LLC (the Secured Creditor) has not conducted an inspection of this aircraft, or it's records, to verify mechanical condition, or the   accuracy of any of the information / specifications presented herein.   Prospective buyers /bidders are highly encouraged to conduct their own, thorough pre-purchase inspection.  JODA, LLC makes no representations as to the airworthiness of the aircraft, any of it's components or parts, or the accuracy of any of the information presented.

 Please inquire directly if you have an interest in the above.

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